Slow fashion made in London


The new collection AK007 is all about a transitional wardrobe & my essentials for winter – and also a new beginning!

Elevate Your Everyday Dressing

A classic piece in a vibrant colour for your forever wardrobe. This go-to suit is made of  wool from controlled biological husbandry and only availably made-to-order for sustainably minded production.

How We Work

I am committed to a more conscious, holistic approach to fashion respecting people & planet. Therefore, I only work on a pre-order and made-to-order basis to minimise waste & overproduction – every step from design to manufacture takes place in London, with no exception. I do not use animal skins and have continuously increased the share of organic fabrics in my designs. AK is a small brand, yet I pursue increased sustainability and try to contribute to the fight against fast, damaging fashion.

New Arrivals

Genevieve Jumpsuit

Gloria Coat

Giuliana Dress